CFCANADA Contributes to Betty Huff Elementary School

With the help of Sun Commercial Realestate Ltd., Charity Foundation of Canada kindly donated $2,500.00 towards Betty Huff Elementary School.

During the 2002-2003 school year, several exciting child-centered programs and events were successfully expanded with continuing widespread support from students, parents, and staff.

Grades 1-5 were involved in Guided Reading, Phonemic Awareness continued in Kindergarten, Grade 7 continued Accelerated Reader and a speech contest was held.

Students were kept busy, active and involved through a Weaving Club, Choir, Recycling Club and our Arts Club production of Into the Woods, Aboriginal dancing and drumming and various sports activities.

The Student Council was active throughout the year.

Service clubs such as Peer Mediators and School Patrol continue to enhance student involvement.

Charity Foundation of Canada is proud we helped this community enhance learning for students.


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